Professional & Affordable Commercial Space

Our structures are affordable. 

We provide a simple, easy-to-understand process as well as financing options to purchase or lease our properties.

Commercial Shop Space
with Fenced Compound

These commercial bays can provide a convenient and secure space for your industrial, trade or personal storage needs.

Shop space for your business

Time to step up your business with your own professional business space.

Located 20 minutes east of Regina on the Trans Canada Highway. In the Butte Business District. The location provides easy access to Regina, White CIty and the Regina Bypass.

The square footage of the available commercial bays start at 1,288 square feet (28’x46’) and can go up to 7,728 square feet.

Our premium commercial bays are ideal for use by:

  • electricians
  • plumbers
  • carpenters
  • drywall
  • construction companies
  • welding/fabrication shops
  • landscapers
  • snow removal companies
  • automotive companies
  • and for personal storage of vehicles/boats/RV
Commercial Bays Regina Pilot Butte

Are you a Professional Business?

Time to Look Professional with your own Business Space

Ramp up your business. Move your business into a new, professional space. Help your neighbourhood by moving your trailers and trucks off the streets.

Would you like more information on these commercial bays?

Contact us, we would be happy to provide a tour of the available space and show you the progress of the new spaces we are developing.

Professional Commercial Bays with Compound Storage

Starting at 1,128 square feet

Purchase Price starting at:
$239,000 – $259,900


  • Starting at 1,128 Square feet
  • 3 Designated parking stalls per unit
  • Part of a Ten unit building
  • 936 to 2,808 square feet of fenced-in compound
  • The height allows for future second storey/mezzanine


  • Store-front door with sidelight
  • 14’x16’ front overhead door
  • 10’x10’ rear overhead door
  • 2-piece finished bathroom
  • 3-phase power
  • Fiber/high-speed internet to site


  • Length: 42 feet | 12.8 metres
  • Width: 26 feet | 7.9 metres
  • Height: 22 feet | 6.7 metres

Professional Commercial Bays with Compound Storage

1,980 Square Feet or 3,960 Square Feet

Purchase Price starting at:


  • 1,980 square feet or 3,960 square feet
  • 2 Designated parking stalls per side
  • Large 5,070 square foot, side compound with side access
  • The height allows for future second storey/mezzanine
  • Store-front door with sidelight


  • 14’x16’ Overhead door
  • 2-piece finished bathroom
  • 3-phase power
  • Fiber/high-speed internet to site


  • Length: 44 feet | 13.4 metres
  • Width: 45 feet or 90 feet | 13.7 to 27.4 metres
  • Height: 22 feet | 6.7 metres

Commercial Space with Shop Bay & Compound Storage

Fenced Storage Compound

Attached the back of each commercial bay is a 28′ x 34′ fenced compound.

Customer Parking

Each commercial bay has 3 parking stalls at the front access.

3 Phase Power

Each commercial bay has a 100-amp, 3 phase panel.

Forced Ait Heat

Each spaces is equipped with a 65,000 BTU forced air heater.

Interior Shop Space

All interior walls are finished drywall with white paint. The ceilings are 20′ high. There is a roughed in washroom and inceptor pit.

2 Overhead Doors

The commercial bays have front and back door access. The front door is 36″ wide with a 12″ sidelight.

Overhead Doors

  • 16′ x 16′ Front Overhead Door with electric opener
  • 10′ x 12′ Back Overhead Door with chain hoist opener

Have a look at your New Shop Space

Interior & Exterior Photos 

Imagine your business having a home. New shop space for your tools, supplies and vehicles. Wouldn’t it be nice to take back your house? No more work stuff in the yard. No more paperwork spread out on the dining room table. You’re a professional. Time to look like a professional with your own office/shop space.

Site Plan

The site is located in the Butte Business District. Only 15 minutes east of Regina, SK and north of the TransCanada Highway.

Aerial Photos of the Site Plan

Shop Space For Sale/Lease

Looking for commercial space with a shop and compound storage?

Commercial Space for Sale.

Perfect for electricians, plumbers, contractors, installers, or any trade. Secure your vehicles, tools, equipment and more in your own commercial bay.

Caliber Developments has space immediately available. 

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With 3 bay sizes to choose from. Come see your new commercial space. Minutes from Regina and adjacent to the new highway and bypass.